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Carol Sabo

Carol Sabo

Scottsdale, AZ


At a very young age I always knew I wanted to be an artist. I started selling my artwork as early as seventeen. By the time I was 35 I was selling through local art shows and galleries. By 1984 I opened my own art gallery and through many shows I won many awards for both my paintings and my calligraphy. I taught, did demonstrations, created logos, did commissions and soon developed a following in Cleveland, Ohio.
I always loved Georgia O'Keefe so I transformed my little floral miniatures to Large, BOLD, Bright flowers on canvas in acrylics. It was perfect for my new home in Phoenix and soon I was selling them in local galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona. One of my paintings was in "The Best of Scottsdale" in 2005.
My artwork has been published in a book in Turkey and one of my pieces is on exhibit in the Smithsonian.
"I love to paint and I like people to feel happy when they look at any of my paintings. My goal has always been to get the viewer to smile."
I still paint every day and do some calligraphy on request. I do accept commissions with both.
A complete artist bio and statement and Certificate of Authenticity comes with every painting I sell.


Tropical Sunrise


Dune by the Seashore


Spring Beauties Tulips together


Festive Winter Poppies Negative


Spring Beauties Tulips


Spring Beauties Tulips


Blue Stripes


Saguaro Sunset Grayscale


Searching For ET Sepia


Searching for ET VIII Grayscale


Searching For ET VIII Negative


Searching for ET VIII


Searching For ET VII Sepia


Searching For ET VII Negative


Searching For ET VII Grayscale


Searching For ET VII


Searching For ET VI Negative


Searching For ET VI


Searching fr ET Sepia


Searching For ET V Grayscale


Searching for ET V Negative


Searching for ET V


Peaceful Clouds


Moon Clouds


Sea and Clouds